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Help a baby panda and his mom go shopping


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Mar 24th, 2022

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Baby Panda's Supermarket is another title from BabyBus in which, like all the games in this series, you'll help a panda as he goes about his day. This time, you'll follow the panda as he goes to the supermarket with his mom and buys groceries.

In Baby Panda's Supermarket, you can browse through all the aisles of the supermarket and check items off your shopping list as you find them. And there's all kinds of things to buy in this huge supermarket: vegetables and produce, cakes for special occasions, toys, and all kinds of other items! The goal is to check what's on the shopping list, find the right aisle, and help the panda find the item. For example, you might have to go to the produce section, collect the right number of an item on your list, weight them, print the bar code and price, place the product in the bag, and finally put them in your shopping cart.

After that, you'll go to the cash register and check out each item, pay for them and get your change. If you're lucky you might even get a gift certificate for the toy machine, where you can get a surprise egg with a prize inside.

Overall, Baby panda's Supermarket is a dynamic, fun and very entertaining game. And like all BabyBus games, it has simply adorable graphics.
Reviewed by Carlos Martínez



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Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Kids
Language English
Author BabyBus Kids Games
Downloads 297,675
Date Mar 24th, 2022
Content Rating +3

Older versions Feb 1st, 2022 Jan 14th, 2022 Dec 29th, 2021 Jan 22nd, 2022 Nov 19th, 2021 Jan 25th, 2022

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